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DL-12310 Classical Dark Grey Quartz Slab Counter Top

DL-12310 Classical Dark Grey Quartz Slab Counter Top
  • DL-12310
  • Derobo
  • DL-12310
  • Classical Dark Grey
  • quartz sand and resin
  • food-grade resin, 99% quartz sand
  • Jiangxi
  • safe export with wooden frame
  • counter tops and home decoration
  • supernatural
  • vacuum pressing
  • 30pcs
  • 7-15 days

Derails and Specifications

Item number


Color Name
Classical Dark Grey


3200*1600*20mm;3050*1520*20/15mm;2440*750*15/20mm;OEM Size


1.99% Sio2 quartz sand,Tianhe brand unsaturated polyester resin, DuPont titanium dioxide, Bayer color pigment, Kodak production line


Vacuum Pressing, Baking To Be Solid, Cooling To Formed, Polishing


kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, kitchen&bathroom wall decoration, dining table, tea table, window ledges, door frame covers, and other architectural&home decorations.

Technical Parameters

Testing Items

Testing Standard


Moh’s Hardness

JC 908-2013

7 Grade

Water Absorption

GB/T 3810.3-2006


Volume Density

SN/T 3080-93



GB/T 13891-2009


Content of Heavy Metals

SN/T 3080-93

Not Detected 


GB 6566-2010

Not Detected 

Bending Strength

GB/T 3810.4


Compression Strength






Thermal Shock Resistance


No Pitting, Cracks Or Peeling

Impact Resistance

JC 908-2013


Compressive Strength

GB/T 9966.1-2001


Stain Resistance

JC 908-2013


High Temperature Resistance

JC/T 908-2013

No Damage, No Obvious Discoloration

Loading Performance

JC 908-2002

No Cracks on Surface

Fire Resistance

GB/T 2406-1993


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

JC/T 908-2013

1.78*10-5 0 C-1

Chemical Resistance

JC 908-2013

No Obvious Damage

Compared with other quartz brands, Derobo quartz has the following advantages:

1.the color matching is exquisite, the color is bright and elegant.

2.mainly are patterned, every design is classic.

3.Particle distribution is uniform, layered, no obvious powder, very few broken particles or repairs on product surface.

4.Vacuum pressing, no bubble,that means there will no no room for bacteria.

5.There is no obvious color difference in the same batch; the color difference in different batches is very small.

6.The surface Moh’s hardness is greater than or equal to 5, and it is not easy to be scratched.

7.The mirror gloss is above 45gu.

8.Bending resistance, tensile resistance, high compression strength.

9.When striking each other, the sound is crisp and bright, it is the real sense of this stone.

10.It does not contain calcium carbonate and other substances, there will be no reaction with strong acid.

11.No glass fiber added on the surface.

How to choose your countertops?

Your super coutertops, not only to be easy cleaning, anti cracking, but also needs to be  to healthy and environmental friendly, non-toxic or radiation. Derobo quartz stone uses food-grade resin, no surface waxing treatment, can be directly contacted with foods.

Derobobo always believes that color is a science, and aesthetics determines the level of product development. The R&D team takes environment friendly and healthy materials as the basis of research and development. Derobo takes “impression pattern” series as the core product, together with a variety of pure color and fine particle products as the main style. With natural and various colors, stable quality, classic and fashionable styles, the products better meets the demands of high-end market.

Wide Usage

The main material of quartz stone is quartz. The combination of rich colors makes it have the texture of natural stone and beautiful surface luster (except matte). It can be widely used in public buildings (hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibitions, laboratories, etc.) and house decoration(kitchen countertops, sinks, kitchen and bathroom wall decoration, dining table, tea table, window ledges, door frame covers, etc.) fields. It is a new type of environmental friendly,green and healthy building decorative material with no radioactive pollution.


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